Music is a very personal thing, but we really hope you like at least some of what you hear on our site. We enjoy stirring different emotions, different styles, and hope our collection reflects exactly that... because music is what takes us through the good times and bad.


Check out our songs and videos below (go on treat yourself, make them fullscreen, heapdhones on, lights down low!) and pull up their separate song pages from the menu above to see lyrics and some trivia and spoilers, if that's your thing.


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HIS FINEST ARMOUR   (mp3 here)


Our new emotional song and lyric video written in loving memory of someone special who simply couldn't share their pain while they were on this beautiful, messed up world in which we live. 


Yes it's a deep one, but don't let that stop you from celebrating the beautiful and amazing contributions of the people within. ❤

FRIGHTENING   (mp3 here)


What's it like growing up in the middle of an inner-city? Bright lights, neon, cars, noise? We all come from different places, some are scarier than others, but they all have their own story to tell. This rocky number completely contrasts Mist Behind, our debut release - and that's not by accident ;)

MIST BEHIND MY MAD   (mp3 here)


Our very first song released under the banner of Life's 2 Short. We wanted to release something thought-provoking and quite epic to kick things off.


Wanna know what it's about? Check out the individual song page up in the menu and you'll find lyrics and lots of interesting info. And some uninteresting stuff, no doubt ;)

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